Britney devasted by AMA K-Fed skit?

November 25, 2006

Could it be that Britney has a big heart for Kevin even after filing for divorce? For those that didn’t watch the American Music Awards the other night it started off with a skit about Kevin Federline being shut in a box and thrown in he Pacific Ocean. Immediately following the skit Britney was introduced to present the first award.

Kimmel then surprised the audience by introducing the pop princess as the “the new bachelorette” to the stage. BritBrit made no comment as she presented the first award of the night, however, backstage the 24-year-old was reportedly fuming.
According to Life and Style magazine, the bubble-gum chewing starlet was fighting back tears and was completely “devastated.”
A source said, “She said she didn’t want to go out there,” and then “she ran off the stage in tears. … She was just devastated.”

I watched the show and I saw her chew her gum, present her award, and stand there smiling during the speech.  If she ran off that stage crying no camera caught it and no one backstage commented on it.  The skit was funny and who wouldn’t want to see K-Fed dumped into the Pacific in a sealed wooden crate?  The celebrity packed crowd laughed and it must be a nice feeling to know that your soon to be ex-husband is a laughing stock.

Yeah she looks crushed

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