Britney to Kevin “Lose the fat!”

November 6, 2006

All the months of chatter about how Britney has had a tough time getting back into shape after the birth of her two children has led everyone to ignore the fact that Kevin is looking a bit flabby.

According to a report from the UK Sun she is ordering the wannabe rap star to drop some pounds.  K-Fed says it is “sympathy weight” he put on during Brit’s second pregnancy.
According to the paper Federline said: “I gain the sympathy weight and she loses it in two weeks after she has the baby. It is daddy fat. It comes and goes.
“Sometimes she’ll tell me to get my butt in the gym and sometimes it doesn’t bother her.”

Well K-Fed it bothers her now!  Britney is on her way to get all sexy again for her new album and your so called sympathy weight makes her look bad.  Of course so does your wardrobe, your rap career, your shoes, your partying in Vegas, and your general attitude.  What else does he have to do with his day that he can’t find 20 minutes to sweat to the oldies o something?

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