“Sex and the City” movie back on!!!!!

November 3, 2006

Ladies try to calm down and take a breath.  The rumored big screen movie starring the four ladies that fell apart after the series left the air might really happen.

The feature film version of SEX AND THE CITY is back on track after negotiations with the series’ four leading ladies made significant progress this week (ends03NOV06). Stars SARAH JESSICA PARKER, KRISTIN DAVIS, KIM CATTRALL and CYNTHIA NIXON were set to star in the big screen version of the hit show before the project collapsed. US OK! magazine reports exclusively that a studio source has confirmed that the long-postponed project is closer to becoming a reality after “substantial negotiations have opened with each of the stars’ teams this week”.

I hope Lindsay Lohan can contain herself after she wakes up in bed with another random guy and someone tells her.  They better get working on this movie soon because Kim Cattrall isn’t getting any younger and seeing her ass on the big screen could generate an NC-17 rating.

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