Witherspoon had no pre-nuptial

November 2, 2006

This will teach young Hollywood to take care of yourself when you get married just in case you go on to make $20 million a film while your significant other changes hairstyles.

Actress Reese Witherspoon’s separation from husband Ryan Phillippe could become particularly messy, as the couple never signed a pre-nuptial agreement, TMZ.com has reported.

The Hollywood stars met and married in 1999, before either party had achieved significant professional success.

Both parties are currently saying that they want to keep the split very civil for the sake of their kids, but I think when Ryan is allowed to look at the bank statement he might change his mind.  I feel bad for these two because if they can’t make it work what hope is their for the rest of us normal folk in the world?  Marriage should be banned for all celebrities and if they decide to get married they should be forced to give all of their money to me!

I am gonna take her for every cent!!

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