Cindy Margolis taking off the bikini

November 2, 2006

The most viewed woman on the Internet during the 90’s has decided to take end help all those guys that spent hours removing her bikini in photoshop.

Margolis, who says she’s 40 – her California birth record says she was born on Oct. 1, 1965, which would make her 41 – has been titillating fans since she was an undergrad at Cal State Northridge with her own line of greeting cards, has posed very au natural for Playboy. The December issue, with her on the cover, hits newsstands Friday. The pages of pictures on the inside leave nothing to the imagination.

Cindy is still looking amazing so I say good for her!  Show us what you’re working with girl!  It’s about time Playboy gets a real woman on the cover of their magazine and by real woman I mean a the most overexposed woman on the web known for just being hot.  This just goes to show you that big boobs, a nice body, a sexy smile, and a good web development team can lead to riches!

I just hope the world can
accept her naked!
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