Sutton Pierce….NOT – try Jayden James

October 27, 2006

Those crazy kids and their wacky name games.  Britney and Kevin fooled the world and probably even screwed up their new son by faking his name.

Britney Spears’ six-week-old son is called Jayden James Federline and not Sutton Pierce.

The child’s real identView the profile for Britney Spears on Celebrity Spotlighttity was revealed on a birth certificate filed at the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder’s office on Tuesday.

Maybe Kevin was working on his acting and improv skills in pretending that the name of his new child was Sutton in order to get ready for his new career as a tool in the WWE.  How long before this kid is so sick of being calling JJ that he leaves home and starts an all white version of Good Times?  A show about a white trash family that has way too much money and a father that serves no actual purpose?

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