Eddie Spice on the way? Scary Spice preggers

October 19, 2006

Eddie Murphy and Scary Spice would be making a new addition to the next generation of spice kids.

Comedian Eddie Murphy and Mel B, formerly known as Scary Spice of the Spice Girls, are reportedly having a baby.

British newspaper The Daily Record quotes a source close to the couple as saying the baby was conceived shortly after the couple began dating, making Mel four months pregnant.

They sure didn’t waste any time getting this family going did they?  Nothing helps out a new movie release like a pregnancy or an arrest  – this should be good news for the stars of “Dreamgirls”.  How come celebrities can’t get married and have a child these days? At least they didn’t go to a third world country to pick a kid up.

Eddie and Mel B to have a baby
Sex – The alternative to 3rd world adoption.
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