Bono “I want my stuff back!”

October 18, 2006

Bono is back in court to show all you stylists, assistants, and underlings of celebrities that you can’t touch their stuff.

Bono, dressed in a chocolate brown suit, took off his rose-tinted sunglasses in the dock Tuesday as he explained his sense of betrayal over Cashman, whom he described as an eccentric pain in the neck. Bono said he had picked the Stetson, not Cashman.

“It’s our stuff, she has it, and a lot more beside. We want out stuff back. We want her to stop selling it,” he said.

A lower Irish District Court ruling last year rejected Cashman’s defense and ordered her to return all the items to the band, whose net fortune is estimated in excess of $800 million. The items in dispute include hoop earrings, pants and a sweater worn by Bono and nearly 200 backstage photographs taken by Cashman.

It’s obvious that this stylist is just trying to stick it to Bono and the boys from U2.  I mean their is no way they could go out and get new stuff or find backstage pictures from any of their shows.  Who takes pictures of U2 at their shows?  Bono has some ugly clothes so if she took those he should just let them go.

Bono wants his hat back
It’s my hat!
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