TomKat to wed 11/23 at Clooney’s Italian Estate

October 17, 2006

Could it be that the Tom Cruise is ready to make Katie an honest woman and slap  ring on her finger?

The ‘Top Gun’ actor and former ‘Dawson’s Creek’ star are said to have decided to tie the knot at the luxury £1.4 million pad on the shore of Lake Como after enjoying a holiday there last weekend.

It is believed Katie, 27, and Tom, 44, opted for an Italian wedding because it was in Rome where they confirmed their relationship with a very public kiss on the set of ‘Mission: Impossible III’.

It’s about time they are getting married.  Why can’t they do what every other couple that gets knocked up do?  Get married at city hall and tell your kid that you were married 3 months before you actually were so she doesn’t blame herself for your miserable marriage.  That is how this country was built and why Vegas weddings are needed.

TomKat with belly
First comes brainwashing, then baby, and finally
a secretive wedding in a foreign land.
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