Madonna flying new kid out of Africa

October 17, 2006

Well if you are a celebrity and want the newest accessory all you need to do is fly to a third world country and get a bunch of laws bent.  You do that and you can be just like Madonna flying your new kid home with a bodyguard.

Amid a storm of criticism, the one-year-old boy from Malawi that Madonna wants to adopt was whisked out of the country on a private plane yesterday.

Escorted by one of the singer’s bodyguards and her personal assistant, David Banda is believed to be on his way to a new life in Britain, via South Africa, less than a week after Malawi’s high court granted Madonna and her film-maker husband Guy Ritchie an order allowing them to take interim custody for 18 months.It

It amazes me how these celebs just go to a country, do a tour with plenty of press, and decide to bring home a kid.  I went away last year and brought back a t-shirt.

Madonna gets a new kid
So can I just pick anyone?
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