Tom wants Katie to lose the extra cushion

October 10, 2006

TomKat is looking to slim down.  More specifically Tom is trying to give Katie every opportunity to lose the baby weight she is still carrying.

Hollywood actor Tom Cruise is said to be very concerned of Katie Holmes’ appearance that he has taken direct involvement in his partner’s workout regimen. The actor’s new “Mission Impossible” is to reclaim Holmes’ former hard bodied physique.

For those of you that says this relationship is doomed ad just weird you should just apologize now!  How many men out there tell their significant others to get into shape, but do nothing to help them?  Well Tom is stepping up to the plate and taking charge of the situation. I mean Tom can’t be seen with a woman that is heavier than he is – especially since she is already taller than he is by a foot.


Lose that weight Katie!
I swear to L.Ron Hubbard I will suck the food
out of your stomach!


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