Paris doesn’t hide her stash

October 10, 2006

Paris Hilton needs to do a better job of hiding her illegal drugs when she has a hundred cameras in her face.

Like any party girl, Paris Hilton has space in her handbag for only the barest of essentials: a vial of nail varnish for emergency repairs, a mobile phone – and a bag of suspicious-looking leaves.

What are those leaves?

That is for medicinal purposes and it is completely legal in California.  It is obvious that she is receiving medical help to lose her whorish tendencies. It is true that pot has not been proven to kill the whore bug, but how will we learn if we don’t allow sample groups to test out these theories.  I say kudos to Paris and her bravery. Can you say Nobel Prize for medical research awarded to Paris Hilton?

Well if she is gonna show her pot we should show you the total package


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