Madonna adopts entire country of children!

October 5, 2006

The rumors were out there that Madonna had pulled an Angelina and adopted a third world baby to generate some good press, but her reps are singing a different tune.

However, Madonna’s rep said the reports — from Reuters, The Associated Press and elsewhere — were erroneous. “Despite reports stating otherwise, she has not adopted a baby boy,” the singer’s longtime spokesperson, Liz Rosenberg, said Wednesday. “There is no paperwork being finalized. She is visiting orphanages and totally involved in the building of a new orphanage and other initiatives to help the children of Malawi whose parents have died from the AIDS epidemic. So she is adopting an entire country of children.”

That is right people an entire country of children!!  My god do you know what that will do for the world of Kabbalah??  Oh yes they will see a major influx of new members.  However, I don’t believe that they will be able to afford the millions of dollars required to be a true believer.  Madonna will surely loan the money to all those needy kids.

Who's your mommy??
Ah she makes such a sweet
mother of a country

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