Paris Hilton matches up with Andy Roddick

October 4, 2006

Looks like the self imposed celibacy is not keeping Paris Hilton from makin the dating rounds.  The new rumored boy toy that Paris is going after is tennis star Andy Roddick.

An onlooker told me: “They were snuggling up to each other while drinking Grey Goose vodka and shots of Patron.

“They were clearly a couple. She was very touchy-feely and he couldn’t keep his eyes off her.

“After a couple of hours they left together.”

Paris goes through men like most people flip through channels on a bad night of TV.  Andy Roddick used to date the wholesome Mandy Moore so I guess he is trying to see what the flip side of wholesome looks like. He could have just rented her DVD, but I guess making your own green movie is hard to pass up.

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