Affleck wins Best Actor – no I am serious!

September 20, 2006

Ben Affleck might be seeing a rebirth of his once promising career in Venice.  The new father picked up the award for his role in Hollywoodland.

The Oscar-winner picked up the Best Actor award for his portrayal of TV Superman George Reeves in the film Hollywoodland.

He explains: “If I thought for a second that there were going to be awards for anybody, I would have stayed!”

Affleck claims the role has given him a chance to get his career back on track after string of film flops including Jersey Girl and Gigli.

I know I was just as shocked as you were when you read that headline, but Ben has apparently been away from J-Lo long enough to learn how to act again. I mean once she got into the picture his career went to shit.  She is finally out of his system and he is riding high — you go Ben!

Ben Affleck Best Actor
Best Actor – Ben Affleck – WOW!

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