Lohan flirts with DJ and pisses off Harry

September 13, 2006

Look like the 20 year old party girl has a thing or two to learn about being in an adult relationship.  Lindsay and her boyfriend, Harry Morton, had a bit of a flare up after she decided to go after the musician.

Lindsay, 20, left Harry fuming after spending the entire night glued to DJ Sam Young.

On guest said: “She was all over him like a rash.”

Boyfriend Harry, the 25-year-old heir to the Hard Rock Café chain, told Lindsay she “was not paying him enough attention” to which she replied he should “stop being so insecure”.

Another guest told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Once they got in the Boujis tent, Lindsay made a beeline for Sam.

“She soon got carried away and she and Sam ended up DJing together. Then she began stroking his back and being really playful. At one stage, they even swapped numbers!

Come on Lindsay if you are going to flirt with some other guy while your boyfriend is at the same party at least try to be less obvious and just get it on in the bathroom or something.  Maybe young Hollywood will figure out that all the parties and drinking don’t mix well with a serious relationship.

Lohan and Morton
How long will this happy couple last?
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