Lohan robbed at Heathrow Airport

September 8, 2006

Lindsay Lohan can’t catch a break lately. First she passes out on set, gets yelled at by the head of the studio, has her love life questioned, has a fake upskirt picture circulate the web, and now she gets robbed!

Lindsay Lohan lost some luggage at Heathrow Airport Thursday, but the film star will have to wait and see if police can track down the Hermes bag and the jewelry that was inside it.

The Metropolitan Police said a 20-year-old woman reported the theft Thursday evening after she noticed her orange bag was definitely not aboard her luggage cart.

is my problem with this theft. This girl is followed around by like a thousand photographers at all times snapping pictures and not one of them has a picture of her bag being stolen? I am thinking this is a big insurance scam Lindsay is trying to put on or the bag contains some explicit video that can never see the light of day. I am sure this will stay hot news for at least two weeks so we will get some answers.

Lohan Robbed
Reports say bag had $1million
in jewelry – come on!!!!!

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