Ellen to host Oscars

September 8, 2006

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided to choose a 1st timer to try and liven up the Oscar awards this year.  Ellen Degeneres will be your host for this years event.

Hosting the event “requires someone who can keep the show alive and fresh and moving, as well as someone who is a flat-out great entertainer,” show producer Laura Ziskin said in the statement. “Ellen completely fits the bill.”

There is nothing like a car accident and some serious press to help you land a gig hosting an awards show.  Ellen will most likely start the show with some bad dancing and a shout out to her DJ that will also be tagging along for the opening number.  She can’t do any worse than Letterman, but can she live up to Billy Crystal’s pas performances?

Ellen Degeneres gets Oscar nod

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