Why Paris Hilton feared Fellatio

September 3, 2006

The old saying that mom knows best was the reason Paris avoided giving oral pleasure to her boyfriends until she was almost 20. 

PARIS HILTON refused to perform fellatio on boyfriends until she was 19, after her mother told her the sex act would leave her with facial craters. The sexy blonde first gave oral sex to ex-boyfriend RICK SALOMON, the cad who turned the couple’s sex tape into porn hit ONE NIGHT IN PARIS. Until then she was convinced the very act would leave her deformed – thanks to a frightening warning served up by her mother KATHY HILTON.

Paris must be a moron to believe that story.  The girl partied at the Playboy mansion and do any of the playmates have craters???  At least Rick was nice enough to capture Paris’ newly found skill on video for the world to see.  He was probably just being a concerned boyfriend and thought that comparing her pre and post fellatio face would set her mind at ease.
Paris fears fellatio
If that didn’t cause craters why would a…
well you know!


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