Is Jessica’s body a “Wonderland”

August 31, 2006

We will just have to wait and see if the rumored Jessica Simpson and John Mayer romance is true, but we can only speculate what new songs could be coming down the pipe.

Jessica Simpson has found love with fellow music star John Mayer, according to press reports. Simpson is in New York City to promote her new album, A Public Affair, but has been forced to cancel her media appearances because she has laryngitis. Strangely enough, Mayer is also suffering from laryngitis and was forced to cancel a concert on Saturday night in Connecticut, where he was headlining with Sheryl Crow.

See what swapping spit can do to you children?  Both singers have lost their voices right before they are supposed to be pushing new CD releases.  That will teach you to keep it in your pants until you are married!  Joe Simpson was a preacher so you have no excuse to be whoring it up Jessica!!!


Jessica and John
Jess is getting around lately


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