Joe Simpson or Satan? Nick Lachey chooses Satan

August 16, 2006

Guess there isn’t much love loss between these two now is there.  We all have a feeling that Joe Simpson is a bit off when it comes to his daughters, but Satan?

During an interview on an Australian radio station last week (ends11AUG06), Lachey was asked if he’d “rather be trapped on a desert island with Joe or Satan, Prince of Darkness”. After some hesitation, Lachey said, “I might take my chances with Satan, Prince of Darkness.”

Looks like Joe won’t be invited on and cruises with Nick.  Why take a chance like that when you don’t have to.  You never did see these two looking all that comfortable during the three seasons of the Newlyweds on MTV did you?  Everything seemed forced and really planned out. Maybe Nick was just jealous of some old guy checking out his wife in a bikini by the pool.

Nick says Joe is worse than Satan

What is Joe looking at here?  Satan wouldn’t pull that kind of stunt! 


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