Does Paris have a no sex bet going?

August 16, 2006

Everyone has heard about Paris stating that she will not have sex for a year in order to focus on herself, but is their another reason?  In a story reminiscent of the legendary Seinfeld episode, “The Best”, Paris has apparently engaged in a bit of a wager.

But it has now been revealed that Paris has formed a “single girls club” with her friends and they have a bet to see who can last the longest without sex. Paris said: “I’m not doing it with anyone. I want to concentrate on work. I’ll kiss but nothing else.” Another member of the ‘club’ is tennis ace Serena Williams, and the idea is that the bet will encourage them to put their work first.

Well now doesn’t this shed some light on why Paris is trying to lock her legs at the knees.  She is already stumbling based on her fling with her ex-love in St. Tropez.  Does anyone else think Paris will be the George Costanza of this group of ladies?  Claiming to be the winner only to have a shocking confession come out later on admitting she has had sex, but thought the different time zone rule was in affect?

Paris in no sex bet
The winner will receive this
lovely Seinfeld t-shirt to brag
about their achievement

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