Eva Longoria looking for some girl on girl action

August 15, 2006

Tony Parker has been put on notice by his girlfriend that she might be looking for something he can’t give her — a vagina.

EVA LONGORIA has warned boyfriend TONY PARKER she is hoping for a “full-on gay experience”, after sharing a passionate kiss with a female friend. The DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES actress confesses she finds women attractive and is open to the possibility taking her curiosity a step further. The 31-year-old says, “I wish I had a full-on gay experience because I think women are beautiful creatures. They’re much more attractive naked than men and it sounds like fun. Maybe I’m just holding out for the future.

Now this would be every guys fantasy if the guy was involved, but Eva isn’t looking to have and cash and prizes involved in this experience. If you want to get some press and try and drum up some rating for your struggling show this is a good way to go about it. I see a full-on gay experience being written in to the season finale this year!

Eva wants to go gay
Which one will she choose to do this season???
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