Monkey bites Paris – Health of monkey feared

August 11, 2006

Paris Hilton has yet again proved she can make an idiot out of herself doing anything.  This time Paris was playing with her pet monkey Baby Love when the little critter decided to have a snack.

Paris Hilton was taken to the hospital early on Tuesday morning after her pet kinkajou bit her on the arm. The pet, named Baby Love, sank its teeth into the socialite’s flesh while they were playing at 3 a.m. at Hilton’s Hollywood home.

Paris is fine, but there was no word on the health of the money.  I am assuming they will monitor the poor thing for a few weeks to see if Paris infected it with any odd disease.  Who the hell is up playing with a monkey at 3AM?  If i was sleeping in my cage at 3AM and some drunk skinny bitch wreaking of booze wanted to play I would bite her ass too!

Paris and baby Love
Baby Love and Paris seen here
during happier times

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