Paris breaks up with Stavros….yes AGAIN!

August 8, 2006

The much hyped renewal of the love between Paris and Stavaros has ended as quickly as it began.  Apparently Stavaros and Paris had a huge text messaging argument that led to some really hurt spoiled kid feelings causing an end to their romance.

“Paris was clapping at Diddy’s trampoline antics while Stavros was on the other side of the pool, glaring at her,” a source told the London Mirror. “He began texting Paris to come over, but she refused, sending him harsh messages on her diamante-covered Blackberry. Eventually, she stormed over and yelled, ‘Don’t you trust me? Get over it!”

Paris knows how to go back on a promise to be single with style.  Make a big splash to get back with an ex, get photographed looking like a $3 whore in a club with your ex, claim you are madly in love, break up over a text message at Diddy’s party.  This girl knows how to get the best out of any situation.

Pars .... the break-up
I just saw these two kids lasting a long time….at least
until memorial Day

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