K-Fed to extend acting skills beyond husband and father

August 4, 2006

Kevin Federline just impresses me more and more every day with his dedication and drive to succeed.  On top of his amazing rap career, his ability to buy dirty looking clothes, and his fruity looking modeling campaigns he will now burst into he acting world.

Although Federline is trying to establish himself as a singer by performing at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS on 20 August (06) and releasing an album, he insists he’s ready to try out acting. However, he didn’t even make it to his first audition. He tells American publication In Touch, “I’ve already been offered a couple of scripts. The most interesting one was a role as a drug dealer, starring BEN AFFLECK’s brother (CASEY).

First rule of acting never insult an actor by not knowing his name.  Is he so stoned he can’t remember who Casey Affleck is?  he is the one with the successful movies.  K-Fed went on to say some great things in the article.

“Sometimes I wake up in a comedic mood, and sometimes I wake up in a serious mood. “With acting, you’ve got to be able to channel that for three months straight.”

The only way K-Fed should be waking up is with a smile from ear to ear because the only thing he has channeled in the last year is the remote control and Britney’s credit cards.

Kevin to act
Here he is channeling a tool .. good job!

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