Paris proves brains aren’t needed in life

August 3, 2006

The Simple Life star that has said the stupidity she portrays on the show was all an act to portray a character that would put asses in the seats, but she isn’t doing  good job proving that to be true.  In a recent interview Ms. Hilton was asked a question about a certain world leader and her response was all that intelligent.

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton stuck to her dumb blonde image when she looked puzzled at the mention of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s name. The sexy socialite said she could not recognise the British Prime Minister. Asked by GQ magazine if she fancied Tony Blair, a confused Paris replied: “Who?” After giving it some thought she said: “Oh yeah… he’s like your President?” Then she admitted: “I don’t know what he looks like.”

Paris goes on to say she has made more money than JLo this year. This goes to show all the children out there that school is pointless and if you have rich parents, a whore image, a stupid catch phrase, a home made night vision porno, and alcoholic tendencies you too can be rich!  Wonder if the IRS is gonna come calling on Paris after she admitted how much she made last year …. that’s how Studio 54 went bye bye!


Paris need no brainsParis with new boy - old ex
How do you make $200 million a year without a brain?
Please see picture above for answer


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