Katherine McPhee breaks foot backstage

August 3, 2006

The runner-up from American idol is have an awful tour.  First it was bronchitis now she is cracking bones in her foot.

the singer tripped backstage before the start of the show at Bobcats Arena, The New York Post reported Thursday. She went onstage and performed her two songs anyway, wearing slippers. McPhee was taken to a hospital afterward, where X-rays determined that she had a hairline fracture in her foot.

Tripped or was tripped?  i think Taylor Hicks is making sure there is no chance of a Clay Aiken repeat.  To win the contest and have to play carnivals isn’t what the grey haired wonder is looking for.  There i no proof that she was tripped, but CSI will be re-enacting the incident in the season premiere so you can judge for yourself.  You know that grey hair glows under a blue light don’t you?


McPhee breaks foot
Where is that smile now limpy!!



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