Jennifer Lopez quits Dallas re-make

August 3, 2006

J-Lo had a change of heart and will not be involved in the remake of the top rated 80’s drama.

“She is out of Dallas,” Lopez’s rep Leslie Sloane Zelnik, tells Star, the first media outlet to report the news. Lopez was to play the role of alcoholic Sue Ellen, opposite John Travolta, who will play J.R. Ewing. Gurinder Chadha is set to direct the forthcoming movie.

It’s just sad that she is dropping out because if anyone looked like a true Dallas socialite that would really fit the role of Sue Ellen it was Jenny from the block.  I watched Dallas a few times on the Soap Network and I notice so may Latin characters in prominent roles.  Maybe JLo felt that she wouldn’t be able to fully portray a spoiled rich woman that acts like a diva – I guess we will never know now.

JLo out of Dallas
Jenny from the block is passing
on the millions from big oil!


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