Dennis Rodman blames himself for Electra’s failed marriage

August 3, 2006

Looks like the ex-husband of Carmen Electra believes that he might have been a major reason why her marriage failed.  Rodman thinks very highly of himself and what he brought to the table during their relationship and 10 day marriage.

Dennis Rodman, who was married to Electra for all of 10 days, says that it’s because she never got over him. “Carmen called me six months ago,” the former Chicago Bulls star told Star magazine. “She told me I was the love of her life and she wished we’d stuck together.”

I know a 10 day Vegas marriage that is crapped on by everyone as a publicity stunt can really create a lifelong bond between two people, but come on Dennis.  Everyone knows that the marriage failed because of the MTV reality show curse.  As soon as Travis Barker files for divorce you will see it had nothing to do with you — just basic cable.


Rodman and Electra
I just see these kids together!


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