Britney and K-Fed want to create a real magazine…no kidding

August 3, 2006

The best husband in the world is backing up his wife’s idea to launch a magazine that will be used to correct the awful things said in the press.

Kevin Federline has added his support to wife Britney Spears’ plans to launch a new magazine to counter rumours they read in the press….. “I’m not kidding. This is something I want to do for real.”

Good job K-Fed.  I wonder if you would ever disagree with the woman that is birthing your kids and keeping your allowance coming.  What makes them think that what celebrities say will be more truthful than the news we already get?  And on top of all that K-Fed isn’t kidding, which really builds everyone’s confidence.  I don’t even think these two can put a sentence together let alone an entire magazine.  I am sensing a lot of pictures.


Brit and K-Fed to make a mag
Hey y’all!  This here picture book
will be as well as my eating place I
had in New York!



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