Aaron Carter surfing skills need some work

August 3, 2006

The little brother of Backstreet Boy Nick was forced to seek medical attention after a mishap on the surfboard.  Not many details are available, but reports are that he is already home and recovering.

While searching for the perfect wave, teen heartthrob Aaron Carter wound up wiping out in a surfboard mishap that required him to seek medical attention, his publicist confirmed Wednesday.

This kid used to date both Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff and gets hurt surfing?  You would have thought if he was going to be rushed to the hospital it would have been from those two beating the crap out of him.  My theory is that he actually hurt himself with a block of Dr.Zogs Sex Wax and a few minutes a lone.

Aaron Carter
Picture has nothing to do with anything
in this story, but he just looks
like a tool!

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