Tori Spelling must be broke – selling her stuff on Ebay

August 1, 2006

With reports of her inheritance, or lack thereof, Tori Spelling is resorting to selling her old stuff on Ebay. Of course I can only imagine that Tori’s old stuff she found in her closet is worth more money than most teachers make in a year it is still sad.

Now a company that specializes in estate sales is “streamlining Tori’s closet” and has put more than 200 of her designer duds for sale on eBay. Fans have been bidding on Spelling’s black lace Prada cocktail dress, her old Juicy Couture tube dress, and a hot pink Lauren Moffatt blazer that she wore on the first episode of “NoTORIous.” Spelling is also hoping that friends dig into their pockets to help her furnish her nursery, so she’s registered for pricey goods at Petit Tresor, the swank Los Angeles baby store favored by celebs such as Britney Spears. Spelling has not commented on rumors that she’s pregnant and a spokeswoman for the shop told The Scoop, “we don’t discuss such private matters.”

Most celebs that go through the process of Ebaying their goods donate a large deal of the money to charity to help needy children, skinless animals, global warming, or to buy a hybrid car.  What is Tori doing with the money?  No one knows, but we can assume some of the following might be options: lawyer to sue mom for more money, plastic surgery upkeep, hair dye, or hair extensions.

Wave goodbye to all
your clothes and money!
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