Lohan having a lousy week – dropped by record label

August 1, 2006

Lindsay Lohan’s week just keeping getting worse.  First the partying 20 year old was rushed to the hospital for heat exhaustion, then she gets a nasty letter from the head of the studio, next mommy has to fight her battles, and now her recording career has gone down the drain.

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly been fired by her UK record label Island Records after she failed to travel to London for a planned promotional campaign for her album Speak. The disc, which was recorded last year (05), ended up being shelved by the furious pop bosses, who are now snubbing her completely.

It’s nice to know that the letter from her studio head telling her to act like an adult and face her responsibilities is really kicking in.  To be honest since Paris Hilton is on top of the music charts I don’t think Lindsay wants to go head to head with her.  That could be an ugly music war that brings back memories of BIG and Tupac.


Lohan singing
We won’t get to see this
anytime soon


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