Paris Hilton goes for the Greek yet again

July 31, 2006

Just when you think Paris Hilton is going to settle down with all this talk about staying single, no sex, starting a family, and mending things with Nicole Richie she goes and does something idiotic.  It appears that the blonde stick figure had a reunion of sorts with her ex-fiance at a nightclub.

Paris ran into Stavros at the VIP club in the exclusive French resort, and before long they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Paris, 25, wrapped her legs around Stavros’ waist as the pair shared a passionate kiss in the middle of the busy nightclub. His shirt was unbuttoned almost to the waist as ‘The Simple Life’ star kissed and fondled him for all to see.

If a hotel heiress slash party girl can’t keep her word what are we supposed to do as a society?  What Letterman should do is get Dr. Phil on that episode with Paris and Nicole and really drill down to the cause of their compulsive lying, whoring, and eating disorders.  That would be a must see show for the whole family to learn from — almost like those old ABC after-school specials from the 80’s.  Remember those shows — they were great!

Hilton and ex-fiance
Paris – haven’t you learned
how to keep these things
off film?? 

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