Spears baby trying to come out early or is it just not enough fiber

July 26, 2006

According to reports on MSNBC Britney Spears isn’t having an uneventful pregnancy.  You have to wonder if all the tabloid stress, mooching husband, traveling, and Dateline interviews are taking it’s toll or is it something else?

The “Oops!… I Did It Again” crooner went into false labor on July 15, according to In Touch Weekly, and now has her doctor on speed dial. “She’s fine now,” a “family insider” told the mag. “Britney started cramping. She had a real scare.” Spears also had a few health scares during her first pregnancy……Spears, who is seven months pregnant, learned that she needs to cut down on the Cheetos. “After indulging in junk food during her first two trimesters, she hired a nutritionist to help her follow a well-balanced diet, a “pal” told ITW. “She wasn’t eating enough vegetables.”

So after reading that you have to think was Britney in false labor or does she need some fiber in her diet?  Maybe a supplement would help — they make chewables Britney so it will be just like eating.  You can even put some spray on cheese on that bad boy.  Of course the cramping could be from listening to K-Fed’s new rap which will premiere at the Teen Choice Awards — oh that’s gonna be great!

Britney Baby #2
We all wish Britney the best, but doesn’t that
kid just look like he knows his teen years
will not be that easy?


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