Paris has foot in mouth disease

July 26, 2006

We try to ignore Paris, but she makes it pretty damn impossible to do so. This time she has come out and said that she has no feuds in Hollywood. However when you read the article she says something that makes you think that she might not understand what the word feud means.

When grilled about her supposed fight with Lohan over ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos, Hilton fumes, “That was crap. She’s never even hung out with Stavros.” “He thinks she’s pathetic.”

I don’t think calling a supposed feud mate pathetic is a good way to show you don’t have a feud. Maybe she thinks feud is something you eat and she was saying she hadn’t had any feud today just a protein shake or something. That’s like saying I’m a virgin if you don’t count all the times i had sex.

Paris Hilton Feuds
If this three fought all those sticks might
just start a fire
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