Pitt’s grandmother is a blabber mouth

July 25, 2006

Well if you can’t trust your own grandmother to keep her mouth shut who can you trust? I guess Brad found out the hard way when his nana went out blabbed about Brad’s innermost thoughts and feeling about his ex, Jennifer Aniston.

Brad promised his last wife on their wedding day they’d be together forever, and they didn’t make it. He is a sensitive soul who just wants to make sure he can keep his promise this time around.

Brad we all make promises we don’t keep throughout the course of our lives, but it just so happened that your broken promise made international news and sold millions of magazines. So if you look at the bright side Brad did help the circulation numbers of tabloids and newspapers everywhere. Of course now he is afraid to get married and can’t trust his grandmother anymore.

Bradd is scared
Oh man what the hell was I thinking!

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