Rowland not too young to bump uglies….gets knocked up

July 24, 2006

Kelly Rowland, better known as on of the other two from Destiny’s Child, is with child. I know what some of you are thinking, “How can that be she isn’t even married!” Well it was a shock to me since I know she broke off her long term relationship and engagement to Roy Williams.

Kelly, who is yet to name the father, is currently single after her marriage to Dallas Cowboys American football player Roy Williams was called off. The pair were said to have decided that they were too young to get married. Speaking on US talk show The View, Kelly said: “We broke the engagement, it was mutual. I think we both came to the decision that we weren’t ready.

It’s nice to know that she saw she was too young to handle the responsibility of marriage at such a young age. I case someone should have sat her down and discussed the birds and the bees or how to make sure you use Mr. Trojan. Personally I think this is probably the best thing for her because that album would have sucked — hey I’m just stating my opinion you don’t have to like it!

Kelly Rowland
Better get used to holding
something else Kelly!

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