Ashlee Simpson to take on real acting

July 23, 2006

No backtracking needed for this endeavor for Ashlee Simpson. Acid reflux or not Ashlee has decided to cut out the singing and take on Hollywood to become an actress.

And Simpson isn’t going to take just any role offered to her – she wants “indie-style” and “quirky characters”. Simpson tells VH1: “Those are the ones I know I’ll have to stretch out of myself to become. That’s what I want right now. But I’m not necessarily jumping into one certain role. I want to have a more diverse career.”

Stretch herself with the quirky roles? What the fuck is she smoking? Did she see her reality show on MTV, her spaz out on VH1, or her singing during that bowl game? You want to stretch Ashlee why don’t you try being a real singer!

Ashlee to act!
This was a great acting job!!
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