Bitchfest 06! Lohan vs Hilton to the Blackberry!

July 21, 2006

Oh man this isn’t for the faint of heart people!  Looks like celebrities and handheld gadgets still do not mix as Lindsay Lohan has been robbed of her blackberry password.  The main suspect you ask?  Oh yes it’s PARIS HILTON!! And she wasn’t just posting Lindsay phone numbers on the internet for fans to enjoy she was playing dirty.

“They were disgusting and very mean messages and everyone thought they were coming from Lindsay. They weren’t. Her lawyers are looking into it now. “Some people think Paris may have been involved because the wording of the messages sounds very familiar.”

These are possible excerpts from some of the messages supposedly sent by Paris to some of Lindsay’s friends: “You’re like so not hot and stuff!”, “Those shoes are like so not in anymore!”, and the worst of them all was this one “Oh my god you should see the porno I mad with your boyfriend!”.  People believe the last one sealed the deal in people’s mind that Paris is behind the messages. Lindsay should just get a Timex calculator watch and store numbers in that.

Paris and Hilton -- oooohhhh
How do you even carry a Blackberry
without a belt?  That was her
first mistake!  Get a belt woman!

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