If it ain’t Catholic it’s crap!

July 12, 2006

well according to Katie Holmes parents that is the case. One half of the TomKat duo will not be seeing their parents at their upcoming alien – I mean Scientology – wedding.

What’s more, Holmes’ par­ents, devout Catholics Martin and Kathleen, intend to skip the actual ceremony, a “friend” of Cruise reportedly told Life & Style Weekly.

That is sad when your own parents can’t see passed their own beliefs to embrace the beliefs of of the person that gives you $3 million a year and an imaginary baby. The big question is whether or not Suri Cruise will be able to attend the ceremony since the folks over at Pixar haven’t quite finished up the fine details yet. Fingers crossed for that one!

TomKat Wedding
I don’t know what their problem
is. It’s not like I am forcing her
to marry me or something!
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