Ashlee Simpson gets naked for boyfriends

July 12, 2006

Ashlee Simpson has admitted that she is not as pure as her sister Jessica was before she got married.

In turning down a lucrative offer from Playboy magazine Ashlee revealed some interesting information. ..she wants to save her body for her boyfriend BRAXTON OLITA. Despite the staggering offer, the singer says she was reluctant to share herself with millions of male readers. She says, “My body is for me and my love interest, and that’s the only person who gets to see it.”

If you notice she stated her “love interest” and not anyone by name.  Thus you can only make the next logical step that if she likes you she is gonna get naked and show you the goods!  I mean Jessica was jealous of her boobs so you can only imagine what she is working with.  Not bad that after her acid reflux incident on SNL that she is commanding $4 million offers.  If she is at the mansion with Justin I bet he gets to be a love interest for a night.

Ashlee Simpson Playboy
$4 Million to whip those things out? Just
pull on a thread and you get a show for free!
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