Red string fraying for Madonna

July 10, 2006

I bet this is going to piss of Lindsay Lohan.  It looks like Madonna is getting tired of the millions of dollars in donations, the time, and her kids missing out on Christmas so Kabbalah might lose its top celebrity.

The pop world’s most unusual partnership may be over. Madonna and Kabbalah, the once obscure sect she championed – and upon which she has lavished millions of dollars – appear to be on the verge of separation.

I love celebrities and their crazy mind shifts.  I remember when Kabbalah was like the it thing to be part of…there was talk about it going head to head with Scientology in the celebrity cult world.  My heart tells me that Madonna just didn’t like the way her red string wristband looked on stage during her new tour.  She will come back after the tour is over.

Madonna and Kabbalah
I paid how much for this bracelet?!

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