Josh isn’t a fan of FES hanging with Scarlett

July 10, 2006

I don’t know why Wilmer Valderrama gets such a bad wrap. Is it because of his past high profile relationships? Maybe the fact that he told all on Howard Stern a few months ago?  I think it is because his 70’s show character was such a player!  Josh Hartnett wasn’t too thrilled this weekend when his girlfriend decided to hang with FES.

Wilmer was out there for a party and arranged for a helicopter for Scarlett to come out, too,” says a snitch. “It was just to hang out, but Josh was not psyched about it.

I am a pretty confident guy, but some guy flies my girl out on a helicopter to hang out and it might ruffle my feathers.  But Josh really doesn’t have anything to worry about since Scarlett is not in her teens and as we all know Wilmer likes them young. 

The tug of war has begun!

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