Jessica and Lindsay to get it on…oh yeah and Madonna

July 9, 2006

Kaballah requires a lot of faith, donations, celebrity endorsements and apparently shocking skit during the MTV Awards.  Madonna, who already has performed a shocking skit with Britney and Christina, is planning a new such skit with Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson.

Madonna is planning a shocking lesbian bondage show with Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan at this year’s MTV Awards.

I am all for this if it is done tastefully and with strong artistic integrity.  Did that sound convincing???  Joe Simpson must be excited about this skit if he is allowing his pure Christian daughter to be involved.  Lindsay just got her boobs back so you know she is willing and ready to show off a bit. Madonna — you got me on this one.  She is like 70 years old and I think Kaballah has some fine print that you can steal the youth from young celebrities if you can make them kiss you on a big awards show.  That is just a guess since no one is permitted to learn Kaballah unless Madonna invites you directly.

Britney and Madonna MTV Awards
This kiss sent Britney down a scary road……what will happen to
Jessica and Lindsay?? We can only pray for them!


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