No meat will enter Paris’ mouth

July 7, 2006

That’s right Paris Hilton no longer eats meat of any kind.  She has sworn off the tasty juicy goodness of steaks, chicken, pork, and so much more.

The blonde star says she converted to vegetarianism after the former model, the estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, showed her a shocking video of animal cruelty.

Celebrities change religions, eating habits, and significant others like I change socks.  If it is really that easy for her to stop doing things than why didn’t she watch her porno and decide to stop being so sleazy?  The only thing left now if for Tom Cruise and Madonna to battle over her soul.  Come on Paris will it be Kaballah or Scientology????

Paris Hilton Meat
MMMM – it’s vegetarian because
there is lettuce on it

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