“Desperate Houswives” showing their age

July 7, 2006

Well they may be only two years old, but according to the Emmy voters they haven’t aged well at all.  The hottest show at last years award show was not even worth a pity nomination for its main stars.

Castaway drama “Lost” and suburban satire “Desperate Housewives” — which critics accused of a sophomore slump — looked like one-hit Emmy wonders, shut out of categories they dominated last year.

I hope Eva and crew saved their money because they are a few steps from having their time slot filled by episodes of “Joey”.  I am surprised that women in their 40’s would be so fast out of the gate — after all their years in the business you would think they knew about staying power and making the good times last.  This show finished up faster than a 16 year old on prom night.

Desperate Housewives
At least they have pictures to remember what
it was like to be on a hit show

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