Does Baby Suri exist?

July 6, 2006

Was Katie really preggers with the child Cruise?  The future ruler of Scientologists everywhere has yet to make a public or private appearance.  Not only will pictures not be published anytime soon apparently not even close friends are being allowed in to see this miracle child.

A source says Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have yet to show her off to fellow Scientologists John Travolta, Kelly Preston and Lisa Marie Presley. Even good pals Will and Jada Pinkett Smith supposedly have not met her, despite repeated calls to Cruise.

Here is my theory, mind you this is just a theory and not yet fact, Tom Cruise is in talks with the folks over at Pixar to create a life like animatronic infant that can pass as Baby Suri.  While that is done to hold off the press and some friends from a distance Tom will be working with the aliens that invented Scientology to clone himself.  The clone will undergo mild plastic surgery to provide it some of Katie’s features and when the child is 13 it will be revealed to the world in Mission Impossible 17!

TomKat with belly
Suckers! They all believe we had sex and
I made that bump!!

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