Jessica Simspon hates the press

July 4, 2006

Not the best way to start your new officially single life out in the Hapmtons Ms. Simpson. Reports out say that Jessica’s security attacked a Daily News photog after snapping some photos of the busty blonde. Of course she denies it was her security, but the attackee is not buying it.

As she turned around, I hit her with a volley of flashes. Before you could say Madonna four guys pounced on me. I’m shocked. These guys jumped on me like chicken on a June bug.

I would hope that her being single, a new album, a new movie, and a new flame would mellow her out some. It coul dbe she has been listening to Tom Cruise and believes that too many pictures could destroy her!

Jessica Simpson - 4th of July
So not ready for pictures! Happy 4th of July!!
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